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The AGE+ project to be implemented by 7 partners from 4 different European countries aims to improve, increase and strengthen municipalities staff to face the challenges and chances of internationalisation through lifelong learning. In the framework of the project, financed by the European Union, the partnership will elaborate a complex blended learning curriculum for civil servants to help them go international.

Internationalization is an important factor of competitiveness not only for enterprises but also for municipalities in a globalized world. The complex environment of municipalities gives room for a lot of ways of understanding and approaching internationalization. Possible fields of action are working with international investors, the integration of migrants or foster the attractiveness for foreign tourists. On the other hand, internationalization also opens the way to find joint solutions to the central challenges municipalities face, such as elderly care, demographic change or environment.

In order to enable municipalities to actively take on their role in Europe some preconditions in different fields of action need to be met.

In a previous project of the partnership a survey among staff working in administrations was carried out to identify the skills needed for going international. After evaluation three skills were identified - intercultural competencies, international project management and internal/ external communication - and three training modules were elaborated on accordingly.

The AGE+ project goes further. The municipality of Magdeburg (DE) and Vejle (DK), the CSCI (IT), the isw - Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development - (DE), the AICCRE -Italian section of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions - (IT), the RGRE - German Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions - (DE) and the EARDA - Eszak-Alföld Regional Development Agency - (HU) will revise and optimize the three training modules starting from the existing curricula. After revision they re-elaborate them to blended learning curricula. Furthermore, they will develop an AGE+ e-platform. The open platform will be for a virtual e-twinning among municipalities and public administrations that permits the exchange of ideas, good practices and documents. The teaching platform will contain the learning, teaching and training materials developed for the blended learning.

Due to the elaborated training material of the project the partnership will offer well-developed curricula. The partnership hopes that more and more civil servants will attend such courses and with active participation, municipalities will start to go international, namely they start elaborating their internationalization strategies and take part in more and more international projects not only from the countries of the project partners but Europe-wide.

This project is financed with the support of the European Union within the ERASMUS+ programme.


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